the discovery.

I love to watch movies that make me think. I watch a lot of documentaries and crime stuff. Why is what goes on in the criminal justice system and in a murder's mind so fucking interesting? Anyways, I watched this movie on Netflix last night, The Discovery. The basic premise, without giving too much away--- This guy creates a … Continue reading the discovery.


As much as I don't want it to, waiting for my time to become a mom because the universe has its own schedule-- is pretty much all consuming. I've hoped to not give it much thought,  ride the waves and let it flow until my body is ready for the opportunity to become a mom. Easier … Continue reading maybe.

badass babes.

Up until this week I was in a dark lull. They don't really tell you how draining it can be to try for a baby unsuccessfully and to keep trying. I've spent the last 5 months wondering what the heck I am doing. This isn't a normal state of mind for me. Usually there is … Continue reading badass babes.