Ok, lets just talk about morning sickness for a quick second.

First of all, why the fuck are they/we even still calling it “Morning Sickness”, when everywhere you read it says, “though not technically specific to the morning time”. Let’s be real– the sickness lasts all day or at least for a majority of the day. Personally mine doesn’t usually kick in until around lunch time and then lasts all the way until bed time. Even still, I have trouble falling asleep because of the nausea. I feel like I had a long day/night of drinking and may even have to sleep curled up on the bathroom floor next to the toilet.

Which brings me to what we should actually be calling “morning sickness” — The First Trimester Hangover, not experienced by everyone.

I haven’t drank a sip of alcohol in over 2 months — but everyday I slowly become more tired, headachey, nauseous, bloated and uncomfortable— hmm kind of like a hangover. One of my least favorite side effects of alcohol. 

Don’t get me wrong as awful and miserable as it is, I am not complaining. I fully understand that this is what a healthy pregnancy entails. I have honestly held back so much from even mentioning how unpleasant these last few weeks have been because I am beyond grateful to even still be caring this little bean. I am taking it as a good sign that things are still progressing, considering last time my symptoms subsided rather erupt and then I was diagnosed with the missed miscarriage.

I just think it is time for all  of the literature out there along with the entertainment industry to get it right. Your whole life as a girl you are made to believe that you may have some rough mornings along the way but it shall subside at some point and the rest of your day will carry on like any other. Then when reality smacks you in the face it comes as complete and overwhelming shock. The people around you who either a. never experienced morning sickness when they were pregnant or b. have never been pregnant — ask you, “Have you had any morning sickness?”. Well, no bitch. I wouldn’t refer to it as morning sickness– I’ve been hungover for 3 weeks straight without any alcohol involved and “they say” it probably won’t subside for another solid month. Ok. I’ll calm down now. 

In the name of all things honest– the theme of this blog, I just needed to get this off my chest.

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