I love to watch movies that make me think. I watch a lot of documentaries and crime stuff. Why is what goes on in the criminal justice system and in a murder’s mind so fucking interesting? Anyways, I watched this movie on Netflix last night, The Discovery. The basic premise, without giving too much away— This guy creates a machine that is able to measure a way of noting that a part of us, “a soul” leaves the body at the time of death and goes into an afterlife. So, he basically confirms that yes– if you die there is an afterlife. He then spends the rest of the movie trying to find a way to figure out what the afterlife actually is.

So, like holy shit. What ends up happening is people start killing themselves at record rates because now they know they have an escape from this life, even if they don’t know what the afterlife actually entails.

It got me questioning myself. Would I kill myself to get to the afterlife if I knew for sure there was one? It really only took me a few minutes to think about. Yeah, of course, I would love to see my dad again—but would that be enough to leave my current life? No.

By the end of the movie they do figure out what happens in the afterlife. I won’t go into detail about what they discover– because that’s one of the most climatic parts of the movie. The finding is so profound though, that they end up deciding they should destroy the machine and not tell the rest of the world, because even more people will probably kill themselves. Seriously recommend this movie if you like being left in a contemplative state after you’ve watched a film. 

I will say, when they do find out about the afterlife– it made me contemplate even harder– hmm, would I want to die so I could experience this. Still a hard no for me, dog. The decision really comes down to whether or not, now that you know about the afterlife, would it be easier to go there or live with yourself and your decisions this far into your life.

All of this lead me to once again realize how fortunate I am to have the life I have. Things get tough, things haven’t been going my way– but I have so much to live for in this life. I have so little that I regret in my life. I have forgiven myself for things in my past, and now those acts seem like a completely different person committed them.  I continue to live through a life that was once what I had hoped to have. My heart really hurts for the people who don’t feel that way. Whether they decide to end their lives or go on making harmful decisions to further destruct their lives– is tragic.

There are so many celebrity suicides happening recently. There are shows like 13 Reasons Why, now. How do we get through to other humans? How do we show them the beauty in our present life? How do we walk them through forgiving themselves for past mistakes? What if we found out for sure there was no afterlife? Would people be doing anything they could to stay alive? Alternatively, what if we did find out there was an afterlife? Would there be even more suicides, like the movie portrays? So many questions, so many things to think about. 

The brain can be a scary place. Our consciousness can be a scary place. It doesn’t have to be that way permanently. Death is imminent. The afterlife is unknown. While we have this life (whatever it is)- we have to get out of our heads and we have to fully embrace this life, on this planet, during this time. These are some of the things that the movie made me contemplate.

I just want to throw out my periodic positive vibes. I am grateful for all that I have– I am so lucky to be who I am and where I am. Even when life gets tough, this too shall pass.



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