When I look into my dogs’ eyes and feel the warmth of my dogs’ soul on my chest, I think to myself I wish this could last forever. There is something about the kindness in my dogs’ eyes and the toothy grin that makes me feel like all in the world is right.

When I look into my dogs’ eyes I get scared about a future where they won’t be there living on with us anymore. Though, they are are only 3 & 4 years of age, the inevitable fate creeps in the back of my mind every time those puppy dog eyes star into my soul. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I think my dogs feel the same way about me. The way they hesitantly go into their crates each night, as if our half hour long cuddle session wasn’t enough. They seem to yearn for more attention and more love. The same way that I do every day when I have to leave them for work or my own sleep.

I don’t know how any one could have ever left my one dog out in the desert to die and the other to roam the crazy streets as just a puppy. Who rescued who? The world knows we needed each other.

How could you look into a dogs eyes and see anything other than a sweet, innocent soul who craves nurture and companionship? When I look into my dogs eyes I can barely breathe. It hurts to think that anyone would want to hurt them.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Ron Swanson

The love I receive from my dogs is unlike anything I have ever felt before. They greet, they wait, they cuddle, they lick, they sniff, they investigate, they obey and they trust me.

When I look into my dog’s eyes the Oxycontin flows through our brains and we form a bond unlike any other connection I’ve made with human or other species. I can’t remember a life without my dogs and I can wait to know a life without them.

Miss Jackson

The endless amounts of dog hair, dirt, throw up, scratch marks, walks, poop, whines, chewed up belonging, money spent and ball throws become worth it, when I look into my dogs’ eyes.

To never know a dogs love would be tragic. I want to rescue more dogs. I want to love more dogs. But, for now I will cherish all the quirks and love my currents dogs have to offer me. I just can’t always shake this feeling of darkness that our time together will inevitably be too short. However long we have together will never be long enough.



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