– Pam Allyn

I just finished reading book #9 for the year. I am on a roll. The book that I just finished is, Theft by Finding, Diaries 1977-2002 by David Sedaris. I am not going to write a review on this book considering it is the authors diary entries. That would be extremely petty. 

No, instead I’ll write about how this book inspired me over the past few weeks while I have been reading it. The book inspired me because it starts off not that interesting. The author’s observations in his diary entries come off as insignificant and mundane. As the book progressed though, the author’s observations become significantly intriguing and funny to the point where I laughed out loud. More than once. You can progressively see his writing getting better as the months and years go on. 51JduGCSJkL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_

I enjoyed Sedaris’s style of writing the most. It’s super simplistic and easy to move along with. His writing more so highlights key points of his day and that allows a great mental picture to be painted of what that year was like in the world around him.

Since finishing the book I decided to keep short diary entries in much of the same fashion as Sedaris. I want something to look back on in 25 years that gives me more of an outward picture of my world instead of a typical diary that reflects more internal awareness. I have avoided keeping a diary because upon going back to read my entries, I always feel so childlike and insecure about the thoughts I was having and keeping on paper. I think less detail and more observations of my surrounding life would be more interest to look back on, or ultimately to have someone find one day when I am no longer around. I would also like to develop my own writing style and fingers crossed, be able to observe my own writing getting progressively better.

When I first started reading the book I questioned myself a few times about why was I reading someone else’s diaries but the fact that it ended up inspiring me makes me happy. Mostly because at first his life didn’t seem very interesting. One of the reasons I love to read so much is to feel that little fire inside that ignites after an awesome book. Whether the fire being a spark for the inspiration I need at the time or comfort to normalize my feelings about something I felt alone in the world on.

IMG_0657This book got me thinking. Writing is an ability that the majority of people have. The level at which we write varies widely between the majority of these people. In America especially we are allowed to practice freedom of speech in our writing. Reading and writing has continue to be one of my biggest interests. Why am I not taking advantage of this opportunity? Well, that is where I am now. This blog was the first step, progressive diary entries next, literature recommendations from my brother, and ultimately writing courses. All, as I continue to read an average of 3 books per month to stoke the fire. Maybe I finally found my passion?


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