It’s the first day of Spring! It’s the first day of Spring! Winter was definitely not my season. I am already not a fan of the winter #californiagirl — this year basically just brought on even more despise. So, I am counting on this next season to bring new growth and bravery into my world.

I’ve been trying to figure out what my next steps are, what my next big move is going to be. Or basically how to pick up the pieces from what has happened to us this past season and how to not feel like our life is not going as planned. I often hear about people who get stuck in their mundane lives and somehow 40 years go by and they didn’t get what they wanted out of life. I have been continually making a conscience decision to not become that person. I have been trying to create a life around me that exceeds my expectations. I have also read plenty of books, “self help” books if you will about the importance of setting goals. I can vouch for these books. It really is so important to have a purpose and to be extremely mindful of where you are taking your life and in a lot of cases where your life is taking you.

It has been rather hard lately to find steady ground— we’re going on two months of Scott working out of state during the week and only seeing each other on the weekends. I think we have fared well with trying to find a balance between doing something Scott wants to one day, doing something together one day and trying to relax. Although, it has been hard not to feel like something is missing during the week and responsibilities get shirked during the only 48 hours we get to spend together. 

With that being said I decided we should write out some goals and wishes for the year. Surprise, surprise… we ran out of time this weekend. Getting this done has been gnawing at me so I figured I would type them out here in order to get them partially out of my head.

  1. Get the backyard started and then hopefully completed by the end of summer. Our back yard is a dirt lot, waiting to be turned into a beautiful oasis. We just received our tax return so we are ready as soon as we get a plan going and Scott has sometime at home to start the process. 
  2. Get pregnant. This feels weird putting out there, but it is something we really want. Once it happens (fingers crossed) there be a whole separate set of goals.  
  3. Figure out what Scott plans to continue doing for work. Scott’s parents own a business and he works for them. He needs to sit down with them to talk about whether they plan to let him take it over. If so, how soon? Or should he start looking for another company to work for? This effects me because it ultimately determines the majority of our income and lifestyle. 
  4. Take writing classes. I had a revelation the other day that if I had a passion or something I entirely enjoy doing… it is writing. I started this blog to force myself to write more in order to improve my writing. I want to get better, I think classes are the next step. 
  5. Get a new position within my current company. I am coming up on my one year anniversary this month! I am so ready to move into a new position– but this of course isn’t completely within my control. A couple of things have opened up but I am trying to be patient and wait it out until something I really want opens up. Sending out the vibes because I really don’t want to be in this role for another year. 
  6. Do another half marathon. I am giving up the goals of running a full this year, in case I fall pregnant. So another half it is. & only if I can remain injury free *eye roll*.
  7. Maintain our healthy lifestyle. We are on track! Running MWF, working out on the other days and eating as healthy as possible. This is always a goal but Scott recently got back on the wagon so it is very motivating and encouraging. 
  8. Celebrate Dio De Los Muertos. This one is going to seem so random and out of place maybe… But if you have not seen the new Disney Pixar movie, CoCo then you freaking should. I promise you it is the only “holiday” that actually makes sense. I will be fully implementing it this year in our home. 

More recently instead of comparing my life to other people’s and feeling turmoil about what they’re doing versus what I am doing– I have been trying to use these instances for motivation. If he/she is 28 and she is doing that– why can’t I be doing that too? Guess what I can be doing that, I just need to set some goals and put my best foot forward to get there. I feel like I am at some turning point (on the cusp of being 30) where it is now or never baby!

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