October has flown by to say the least.. Amirite?! The things that come with the season of fall, I do not entirely fancy. So I am here to complain about fall, instead of over gush about a season full of all things pumpkin, color changing and cooler weather. Although, I do enjoy a good amount of pumpkin flavor items. I’ve even long considered if I ever have a daughter, to name her Autumn– but now I am pretty sure I will being naming her Summer.

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Lake Havasu, October 7, 2017

First of all, I live in Southern California so as for cooler weather… Not happening. I mean for crying out loud we were in Lake Havasu the first weekend of the month and it was sunny and glorious. On top of that, we seriously just went through a heat wave, with temperatures in the hundreds all week. As if that wasn’t bad enough. The air is dry and the winds are picking up. Cue allergies and itchy scalps. Honestly, I am not even mad because I actually love the heat, but it is all these people parading around about it being fall. You guys, the only noticeable change around here is the Starbucks menu and your neighbors house decor. The hills and trees are still brown from lack of rainfall and a lot of them are also on fire at this point thanks to this “cherished season”.

The second and more important issue where my loathing stems from is joint pain. You weren’t expecting that, or were you? Read this WebMD — My knees and shoulders specifically ache with excruciating pain as the seasons change. Call me crazy, I thought I was crazy. Forever thankful for the internet when it comes to issues like this. Quick Google search and it seems that there are others around the globe experience the same phenomenon. On top of the dreaded daylights savings approaching when I am about to start training for a marathon , I also have to deal with the fact that my joints are plotting against me as well. Or maybe it is the universe plotting against me– considering the root cause is the suns positioning and air pressure. I plan to run my first full marathon in February. My last attempt did not happen because of hip injury that happens right before the race date so I had to op for half instead. This is one of my life goals. I want to make sure I am fully prepared and ready for the race. So move over Autumn, you pesky bitch. 

The only Fall decor allowed at my house.

Anyways, I digress. This Fall is a little more stressful than usual. We are headed down to Mexico this weekend. Specifically– Cozumel & Playa Del Carmen. Was originally taking a trip to BVI but… RIP thanks to Maria. I guess, not totally uncommon but I’ve managed to stay in my country for the first 26 years of my life. If you read my previous post, vacations cause self reflection. — I get extreme anxiety before a trip. When you are stressing over a upcoming trip this also triggers your brain to plot against you while your well into your nightly slumber. My nightmares have been in rapid fire mode. Everything from the usual conspiring characters and themes and now even incorporating weird things happening while in Mexico.  I will also be away from my fur babies for 10 days. Although, I honestly feel more bad for them, then myself. I need to do this. I need to do this. I need to do this. (in the same rhythm as the little engine that could. )

Your best life is lived outside your comfort zone. In order to gain the experience of the world that we were meant to, we need to leave our home country to see other cultures through our own eyes and not just rely on what the media shows us. Or so they say… But with all that being said, wish me luck on this 9 day adventure. I hope to gain some worldly knowledge, avoid food/water poisoning, and make some forever memories with my in law family that has adopted me as their own.

Forgive me for my first world problem rant. I am doing the best I can over here to summon my gratitude and assure myself that my problems could most definitely be worst. This post took a way different turn than I had first anticipated. I am only here to be honest though. 


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