Hopefully this isn’t just an American thing. Because if it is y’all are missing out. 

Well if you are anything like myself then maybe you’ve scoured the world wide web, Pinterest and even your grandmothers old recipe books for a bread or carb alternative. I ❤ Carbs. How can I still enjoy the savory tastes of pizza, rice and potatoes without worrying about my figure?! Look no further than your local Trader Joes, and possibly other places I have yet to explore.

Let me start by saying as a young child, other than green beans, cauliflower was one of thee absolute worst foods my parents forced me to eat. Mushy, bland and gag-worthy in my opinion. My father was a superb cook, but when it came to vegetables all he knew how to do was steam. This lead to my hatred of vegetables. This next piece is embarrassing to admit… Other than salad and the occasional veggie platter at a party, I did not start eating vegetables until I moved away for university at the age twenty-one. Eeek. I can now proudly say, I eat my veggies with every meal. Gimme all of the vegetables all of the time. vegetables clipart black and white 5

Now that is out of the way, lets talk about cauliflower. You guys… I did not start eating cauliflower until maybe a month ago! It took five years into my vegetable eating escapade at the embarrassing age of twenty-six to discover all that was holy in the world. Ok… ok… maybe I am being a little bit dramatic but then again.. maybe not…

Last night I enjoyed a Cauliflower Crust pizza for the second time in just one week. Side note I once tried to make cauliflower crust from scratch on my own and it is freaking hard, not satisfying and that is why I am so exciting about this pre-made crust. I failed and didn’t get a picture of the holy grail, but after enjoying my portion of the pizza I literally said to my husband, “Maybe this is the proof I needed that there is a god”. I filled the pizza with sauce, cheese, small pepperonis, ham and Italian seasoning. The possibilities are literally endless and you can ACTUALLY enjoy the damn thing without feeling like you need to go do an hour of cardio to make up for the calories. *Raises hand in the air for a high-five*.

Image result for cauliflower clipart

Moving on… The second cauliflower product I enjoyed was the Rice Cauliflower, with the moisture already taken out for you. Let me tell you, the hardest part about making your own riced cauliflower is getting all of the moisture out. It is seriously not even worth it, that is why these products are life savers. Cheers to you cauliflower, you dripping wet bitch. I digress. This is my rice substitute, even though rice like isn’t that bad for you. It helps cut down your calorie and carb intake. Forever working on my year round Summer bod (considering we Californians really don’t get a winter). Unfortunately it isn’t as exciting as the pizza crust, so don’t go streaking down any groceries aisles just yet.

Without further ado and with there only being 3 more hours in my work week– what I hope to be my most exciting meal this weekend– I present to you, Kun Pao Tempura Cauliflower! I obviously can’t vouch for this last hero just yet, but if it is anything like what I have tried and substituted so far, then BOOYA— I hit a jack pot. *Brings out celebratory champagne, proceeds to pop the bottle and spray it all over my dogs & husband.*. Okay– let me come back to reality. Here is to hoping that I don’t turn into a cauliflower after all that I have consumed. Because you know what they say, you are what you eat! Still looking for a healthy french fry alternative — let your girl know if you have one. 



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