Girls are always saying they want the simple things in life. Maybe boys too, but I haven’t experienced that. A lot of women give off the impression that the simple things are all they want and need in life. I don’t believe them.

It’s a sham, because as soon as they lock a guy down the fancy things start rolling in. First comes the expensive instagramable dates and drinks. If you don’t instagram the $12 cocktail did he really even buy it for you. Then the lavish engagement. Cue beach in Hawaii with a secret photographer. It moves onto the extravagant wedding. Oh, it doesn’t really matter I am just so happy to be getting to marry the love of my life, although I did just spend $4k on a photographer/videographer. Now the house, then the kids, the new car, and the list goes on and on. These actual aren’t the simple things– these are luxuries in life. These things are above and beyond the things we need to live a life where we enjoy the simple things. Yet, these are the only things the “simple girls” are flaunting from their day to day life.

And it isn’t even just about the simple things in relationships. Simple things, like inviting your friends over for a home cooked meal and bored games, instead of spending a weekend in Las Vegas to prove you still got it. Maybe I am getting a little bit too specific here. Send your friend a card in the mail, letting them know you were thinking about them or how about remember something they told you last time you hung out with them, instead of only sharing your drama and what’s new in your life. It seems like these simple things are going out of style, yet were still claiming we love the simple things.

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simple view from the boat this weekend.

You guys… I actually enjoy the simple things in life. Obviously, I’m known to get a little bougie once in awhile or I might get lost on a downward spiral into the abyss of keeping up with the latest trends. But often, when I am not being an idiot and I am listening to my soul I find happiness in the simple things. I make mental notes in my head to remember those small moments next time I am feeling out of control and lost.

When Scott grabbed my hand after our run yesterday and held it the rest of the way home. When he wouldn’t allow me to drink any alcohol after I got my wisdom tooth pulled this weekend. Was secretly annoyed but it showed that he really cared about my health. Scott waking up Saturday morning, cuddling me a little extra and acknowledging for one of the first times how he should be a little bit more kinder to me because he is practically the one person I have as family these days to rely on in hard times. Scott agreeing to go on a short walk around the block with the dogs and I, because I was getting restless. Normally this kind of thing requires heavy persuading. It was so simple for him to say yes and just go with me. That made me extremely and genuinely happy.

The joyfulness Sunday brought me after a modest day on our friends boat, they invited us over for homemade fish tacos and couple rounds of Clue, without asking for anything in return. My friend simply remembering and telling everyone I make the best guacamole and having me make it. True story, I do make the best guacamole. Joy in the simplicity of my younger cousin texting me and asking me for book recommendations because she knows I read a lot. The restaurant having my favorite beer from San Francisco on tap so I can go back to my happy place from college. The dogs taking a break from being crazy to give me a little love and affection. I am a sucker for when the dogs rest their little heads on me for brief moments of love.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
, melting my heart.

This kind of stuff feeds my soul. These are the simple things I need to feel alive. It is hard to get this point across to other humans. When storms roll in, the times when I am not thinking about the simple pleasures of life– that is when anxiety, jealousy, self-loathing and recklessness creep into my life.

Cheers to the simple things, lets take the time to acknowledge them and appreciate them for all that they are worth.

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