But the people of Facebook are too critical.

You guys, it is my own belief that we were not all meant to spend our days fighting for other peoples rights. We didn’t choose the class and race that we were born into. I got luckier than some. Of course a lot of situations are unfortunate, but just because I choose to not speak up on your behalf does not put me on the side of the oppressors. Do not forget we are all entitled to our own opinions. 

This is why I have come to write this post. Recently people from all aspects of my life have posted in some form or another about how “not speaking up, not getting involved with politics and not standing up to racism” makes you essentially on the side of those who are promoting the hate. The logic in these statements is irrational and I am personally offended.

I have no right to make this about me when their are people in situations that need help. But is it so wrong to want to live the life I was given and enjoy it? Just because I choose to steer clear of bringing negative vibes into my life, that makes me on the side of hate? I genuinely believe that I am a good person down to my core. What gives these people the right to classify me because I don’t feel the need to get involved in issues that don’t effect MY OWN daily life?!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Just minding my own business, on a boat, in the middle of Lake Havasu.

I am not even sure if other people are dealing with these feelings or even have this same perspective as myself. Who knows, like I always say… I could be the crazy one. Either way, I am here to tell you, if you are generally a good person and you do not feel the need to get involved with all of the bullshit hate that is circling the United States of America— It is Okay. It is o-fucking-k. 

Enjoy the life you were given. Spread love and not hate. Take care of the planet and all the living species on it. Do right by yourself and other humans that you come in contact with. Stand up to racism, if you directly come into the path of it. Stand up to social injustice, if it cuts you off on your road to happiness. Do not accuse other people of oppressing the minority if all we are doing is following our pursuit of happiness— which is our right as Americans, considering what our founding fathers put into place for us.

We don’t have to share the same belief on this matter but don’t try to convince me that your beliefs are some how better than my own. Just be a good fucking person– stand up for some things that don’t directly involve you or don’t. 

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