Why does the beginning of a new month/week/year inspire us to start new goals? I’ve never understood why we can’t just start being inspired to start something new on any ol’ day. I being no different then everyone else am starting my goals as of August 1st.

I purchased this Portion Control Tupperware for a few bucks. I eat healthy majority of the time but usually without portion restriction. I figure, well it’s healthy so I can just eat it until I’m full. Guilty of eating half a bag of wasabi almonds in one sitting and not feeling bad because it’s “healthy”. That coupled with my work out routines should make me skinny right?! Wrong. With how routinely I have been working out and running, I think that I should be a lot more fit looking than I am.

I am comfortable in my own skin. Most of the time. I am 5’2 and probably weigh about 130 lbs. I don’t own a scale. I don’t weigh myself. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. My mindset is that if I feel good then I look good. Here I am this month not drinking, trying out portions and resolving to be the best me. Who would have thought I seem to have more energy? I feel more positive. I feel more happy.

cropped-img_7814.jpgTaking control over your own habits and body can be so empowering. It is so simple because it all starts from within yourself. Yeah, we can go around blaming whoever and whatever we want, but what good does that do? Life is messy and unpredictable.  That is certain. Who are you if you’ve lost control over the only thing that was given to you as a birth right? Your brain, body and soul. It is time to take back the control in your life if you have lost it. Whether it is the 1st of the month of the 18th.

God, I sound like one of those inspirational speakers trying to get you to join my cult pyramid scheme. Really I am just a regular human concerned for other humans well beings. Maybe I should just mind my own business.

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