A quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald to start this post off right.

By no means am I an alcoholic. I think. I love to drink. It helps me in social situations. I always feel super awkward in group and social situations. I never knew where this stemmed from until I read this book, ACA . Seriously recommend if you grew up in a similar situation. I love that first feeling of being buzzed. What is the word for that? It feels like your ready to take on anything that comes your way with out a second thought or worry in your cranium. The problem is I can almost never stay at that limit. I like to be drunk, it is fun. The other problem is also I tend to drink every freaking weekend. Cue R. Kelly, Ignition.

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Coconut Mojitos in PR

The day after drinking, I will often wake up with feelings of regret and anxieties about portions of the night that are blurry. If I played my cards right the hangover won’t be too killer. Hangovers can only be cured with soda, fast-food and sleep. I am currently eating and doing all things healthy trying to get a rid of a couple pounds for our next tropical vacation to BVI in October. Side Note: I have a relatively healthy lifestyle as far as food and exercise.

The people that are in my “tribe”, if you will, the people I spend most of my time with also drink this much, making it a hard cycle to break. On occasion I will hang out with people who don’t take to drinking this much and I feel so weird. How do you not like drinking? In reality they aren’t the weird ones.  These people do exist and it’s hard to see because of the lifestyle I have chosen. Kudos to those people to those other people.

Well, for some time I have been thinking about trying to withstand from drinking for a month. When I was training for a marathon in the beginning of the year I kept drinking on weekends to a minimum. It was a lot easier than I expected. The problem with stopping for a complete 30 days is all of the social activities that dance into my life, especially with it being summer. It never ends.

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Beer Tasting @ our local brewery.

But, here goes nothing… I set the goal for myself. We arrived home from Puerto Rico on Sunday July 23rd. I drank my last glass of chardonnay on the plane Saturday July 22nd. Side note: we drank A LOT on vacation. My next drink will be August 19th– the weekend of my husbands birthday. We are headed to Lake Havasu. It comes up a couple days shy of a month. See how bad I am.

I am doing this as a self-experiment. I want to see how I feel mentally and physically. Cheers to sobriety (with a glass of lemon water of course).

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