Hopefully you have experienced this feeling. It has been quite sometime since I have felt it. I have been currently feeling it. If you know the word for this feeling chime in.

Over the past week or so, I have had many anxieties about some things that are mostly out of my control. But then I just find myself in these moments of pure awe, pure bliss, if you will. Bliss might be closest to the word I am looking for… There are just these moments where I feel like all my stars have align. I feel so grateful. I feel like the past 26 years have all been worth it and everything I have worked for has led me to this single moment in time. How magical does that sound?


Maybe it has something to do with the week off of work spent with my husband (who also happens to be my best friend) on a tropical island in the Caribbean. When life gets so busy and so routine, it is hard to feel like this is what it is meant to be like. I mean, I got to spend a week staring into the horizon, listening to the waves and just soaking it all in. I got to explore the depths of the ocean like I never have before. Just get me near the sea it’s earths most potent remedy. I spent a week in a place that almost complete culture shock. I spent a week feeding my soul the good stuff.

I guess I don’t have very much else to say on the subject except how lucky I am. I hope these moments continue. It scares me because I know what it can be like to go through a long drought without these moments. Life happens.

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