I really don’t understand people who love to travel the world. I think it is really cool, but I’ve never just had a dying urge to leave where I am and explore some where new. I love the idea of it but I could never do it. 

Maybe it is a part of being an introvert. I am 26 and I’ve never been outside of the USA. The farthest east I have gone is New York and the farthest west is Kauai’. I live in  Southern California. Maybe it’s because I moved away from home for a couple years during college and that felt like enough exploring. I do miss San Francisco. Maybe it’s because ever since my dad died, death has become more real and I know there is bad stuff out there waiting to happen. Am I the only one who experiences these ridiculous feelings?

All of the sudden within the next couple of weeks/months we are headed to Puerto Rico and British Virgin Islands. Yeah I know Puerto Rico is USA but it still feels foreign. You guys I am scared. Actually I don’t even know if it is fear. It’s like this new emotion that I can’t explain. Somewhere between I am going to shit my pants as soon as we land and fuck yes bring on the adventure.

I needed to share this feeling though. And also my vacation inspired nails I just got done. We spent all this money, we are taking all of this time off work, but do I really want to go? I know it will be fun and it will be such a great memory. That little voice in the back of my head is screaming “What the Fuck are you doing this for?”

I’ve never considered myself a “homebody”. I mean who doesn’t love a Sunday curled up on the couch? I do like to do things and see people. I am no Sheila Jackson (Shameless). I am me. 



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