I would like to start this post off by saying if you do not like dogs then I don’t know if I like you. What kind of human soul does not like MANS BEST FRIEND. I mean for reasons I can’t comprehend, I didn’t always like dogs so maybe I am being a little dramatic, but at this point in my life, DREAM. Dogs Rule Everything Around Me.

I have two dogs. Both of whom I rescued from our local shelter AFV, because we all know rescue dogs are the best kind of dogs. I may be bias. Few days I completely regret tying myself down with two dogs but most days the love and companionship from my dogs is all that I need to get me through a life plagued by anxiety and many uncertainties. Although I believe one of my dogs has more anxiety then myself.

The idea of owning a dog is usually glamorized. The truth often masked by those adorable puppy paws, eyes and the sweet nibble of puppy teeth. Spoiler alert: dogs grow extremely fast and once you get them home you actually have to train them. Those who have commitment issues beware.

The two innocent dog souls who stole my heart.  Ron Swanson (aka. Ronnie, Ron-o, Ronton, Ronaldino, Ron-dog). Miss Jackson (aka. MJ, Jackson, Jacksie, Jacksie-poo, MoMo).

I would sit here and write a poem about these dogs but I recently read the book of poems, Dog Songs and it is clear Mary Oliver went ahead and spoke for us all. She really grasps the emotions and little moments that I am unable to put into words. One drunken Sunday while I downed a whole Costco sized bottle of Champagne to myself, and swung from my hammock, in the privacy of my back yard, I read this book of poems in its entirety. Some thing that I recommend you all try. And so now I want to share with you my favorite poem from the lot.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Get a dog they said. It will be fun they said. And fun it is.


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