For some years now, I have thought long and hard about what my dream job would be. It is a question we all are asked on multiple occasions from a young age.  Some of us know at a young age, some of us think we know but then change our minds, others have no idea. Why do people care so much about what I want to do?

I fall into the latter category. I went to college. I got my degree in business. Seemed like the obvious choice for an indecisive millennial.

I’ve tried cake decorating (on my own and working for a bakery). I’m not detail oriented enough. Also, the general public is fucking nuts. Thought about working with dogs (Vet Technician). Read to many sad story about what it’s really like. Considered teaching. Summers off! Would not be able to handle parents. What about going back to school? I don’t need more student debt.

One thing I did know was that if I was going to work in the corporate world I wanted to work for a brand or company that fell into an industry that had direct connections to my life in some way. I got a internship that turned into a full time job with a subcontractor. Boring. Draining. I needed the “real world” experience though.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years. Somehow the stars all aligned and I landed my foot in the door at company that I actually wanted to work with. KTM. Thank you universe. Luckily I didn’t have to take a pay cut, but I did have to take a title cut. I went from running my own accounting for a line of work we did to being an office administrator. A new label for a receptionist.

So, now I have this job. I love it here. However, I find myself with far too much free time during the work day. Do other receptionist have this problem? Still boring. Less draining. I keep thinking I really need to make use of all this free time with access to a computer. I read a lot of “self improvement” books and most of these bring up the same idea of what is your passion? What is your dream job? Am I that impassionate? Maybe, maybe not.

 I love to read, write, cook, and run. I love dogs and trying new things. I love single-serving friends. Google it. I love to be honest.

So, here I am. Freetime galore. I want to give you my honesty on all the things that I bring  into my life and all the things that present themselves into my life. Because being honest doesn’t make you a bitch or rude, it makes you real.

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